Dani and Brenda by Kady Dunlap

Brenda has lived in my neighborhood for about 40 years.  Her grandparents owned the home, and she grew up with them.  Now, she and her wife Daniela ("Dani") live there with their dog, Goldie.  Dani and Brenda met in Germany where they were both in the military, Brenda in the US Army, and Dani in the German armed forces.  They married in Hawaii, and then Brenda lived in Germany for a couple years before they moved back here to Austin.  Dani is a professional dog trainer and has a pet care service, and Brenda works for the Austin convention center.  Goldie is kind of nuts.

Jonathan by Kady Dunlap

Neighbor series, part 2.  This is Jonathan.  He sells linen wear and guayabera shirts, and he loves his dog, Jake.  Jonathan bought his house from a neighbor named Joshua a few years ago, so he and Jake have continued the "J" name tradition in that house.  Jonathan loves art, and he's a voracious reader who has recently taken up watercoloring as a hobby.

Mr. Albers by Kady Dunlap

I know I don't blog much and don't think about it often, but I didn't realize it had been a whole year since my last post.  Oops!

These are just a few pictures of my neighbor, Mr. Albers.  He is 90-years-old, and he lives around the corner from me in a house he built in the 1940s.  He has two daughters, and he was married to his wife for 69 years and 11 months.  She died in January.  He is smart, spry, and he lives a beautifully simple life.  Daily activities include a coffee run to McDonald's in the morning and tending his garden.

Right on time... by Kady Dunlap

I've just returned from a week of work in Dallas.  Most of it was for Serve West Dallas.  There's a lot of good stuff going on in that city to try to transform the city and people's lives.  Some images from the four days of work:

Visit www.servewestdallas.org if you're interested in learning more.